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Georgia, Stray Dogs

For some reason, there are a lot of stray dogs at Georgia. Here at Israel we almost don’t have stray dogs, the dogs, especially big ones are caught and moved to shelters, cats, on the other hand are roaming the streets freely, at Georgia it seems to be vise versa. There are a lots of stray dogs, big ones and almost no cats, or so it seemed.

The dogs are pretty friendly and will follow you up until they are sure that you can’t give them any food. So here are a pair of two beuaitful creatures I was able to catch at Borjomi:)stray_dogs


4 thoughts on “Georgia, Stray Dogs

  1. How confident are you that these are stray dogs? Those dogs look groomed and clean. Perhaps the owners of these dogs let them roam the neighbourhood. They maybe “free-roaming” dogs.

    This is how it is in the island in the West Indies where I was born and raised. The dogs roam around during the day while the owners are working returning to home base to eat and drink. No cats.

    In New Jersey feral cats roam the large campuses of

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    1. It is highly unlikely that those are “someones” dogs, it looks like local people just taking care of them but they don’t have any owners. We met many dogs, even in the forest while hiking they just run after you, waiting that you will give them food. One of the dogs in the photo run after us for 20 for example. Home dogs are not that hungry. But I do believe that they just being take care of by the community. I might be wrong, but I really see no other explanation.


      1. Some of them were I wouldn’t say groomed but they did looked like they eat well, some of them looked like they can’t find enough food. I did actually saw few in the forest. I’ve read the post and I guess the amount of dogs on the streets was even then noticeable. For me it was a surprise because I come from a place where there is no dogs on the streets but tons of cats:)


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