Visiting Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park

“Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park is a national park in central Israel, 13 kilometers from Kiryat Gat, encompassing the ruins of Maresha, one of the important towns of Judah during the time of the First Temple and Beit Guvrin, an important town in the Roman era, when it was known as Eleutheropolis.” (c) Wikipedia. If you love old cities, ruins and most important – caves. This is a place that you defenitely need to visit.

beit_guvrin_stairsStairs leading to cave

The Park is a wide area with different caves and underground living and storage places and some of them you can visit, there is also ruins of the church of St’ Anne on the park area. The trip itself will not take much time but it is indeed a place worth to visit.

beit_guvrin_cave_pigeonsFormation on the wall of a cave that were used as pigeon breeding and resting place

It is a nice family activity to do with children especialy because there are caves with different formations that you can “explore” and have a little walk in them.


Burial Cave

For me the highlight of the trip was the big bell cave, for some reason it reminded me somehow the view of grand canion caves.




I don’t want to start telling all the stories of those caves and their uses, you need to come there and see and feel it yourself. The place is great for families with kids who love exploring or for people who love ruins and ancient things. The caves are beautiful and have interesting history. 


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