Visiting Hermon Stream(Banias), Israel.

Israel is hot, dry and dusty, it is the beginning of December and I’m still going to work with short dress. Searching for “shady”,”wet” and “cool” place for a trip became a default for me. It is much better to travel when the sun isn’t trying to make a mummy from you and Banias is one of the few places in Israel that you can visit almost any time of the year without the fear to became a dry tomato after few hours outside. Here you will find shadow, water and a sweet taste of a wildlife, places like that are gold for a nature lover like me.hermon_stream_1Water reservoirs under the Banias cave.

Hermon stream is a connection between Mount Hermon and the Kinneret and part of it is a beautiful reserve that you can visit. The reserve have two entering points which give you the possibility do to a straight forward trip from one point to another(you will have to use two cars) or to do a round trip(longer but worth it), you should consider that while doing the trip. Also the entrance isn’t free and the reserve have “working hours” so before the visit check the reserve website to be sure how much it cost and at what hours you can come.  Hermon stream located at the northern point of Israel, and will take few hours to reach from the center so there are other interesting point nearby – Mount Hermon, Mount Bental, Nimrod Fortress and few more, so you can easily combine few of them together in order to make your arrival at far north more productive. hermon_stream_2Hermon Stream.

The round track is about 6km (while each side is about 3km) and consider to be “medium” hard. I’ve been at Banias few times, and can say this, if you in a good physical shape, this one will be easy for you, most of the path is straight forward, near the water, nice and fresh, only the “up and down” to the waterfall will be a little bit noticeable. If you’re not , the waterfall part can be a little tough, but just a little, and it totally worth it. Good to remember that this track is fit for families with little kids (although no strollers can go through at the most interesting parts) Make sure you wear comfortable shoes:)banias_restortGreen, shady and quiet – Walking path.

The “hanging” path – are wooden bridges that leads to(or form) the waterfall and allows you to walk close to water, to feel the fierce stream, the fresh breeze so close that you can almost touch it. It is indeed a nice touch to a place like that.stream_hermon_1Small waterfall as seen from “hanging” bridge.

9T6A5154Water stream under the “hanging”  bridge.

At some points you can enter the water (unless it said otherwise, be sure to check that out at the information point) or you can just sit near the flowing waters and enjoy some nature quality time:)stream_hermon

As any other touristic places it is important to remember that there will be people, if you want to reduce the chances to stuck with packs of tourists try coming at the middle of the week, it will make your experience more pleasant. It is important to remember that Israeli people love to travel, so most likely you will have company anyway, but at the middle of the week the numbers will be lower:)small_waterfall

And now to the highlight of this track – The Banias Waterfall, the biggest(not the tallest) and the strongest of the Israeli waterfalls. This waterfall falls from the height of about  10m into a beautiful water pool creating a magical, almost fairy tale sight. Beautiful blue waters with magical sun-kissed sparkles creating such a breathtaking atmosphere that you can stare at it forever. If you lucky enough you wan’t be smashed by packs of tourists and will be able to enjoy this view at it’s fullest. 

In conclusion – The Banias is a place that you must visit if you are a nature lover and you visiting Israel, you would not regret it for a minute. This place is the peak of Israeli nature. banias_waterfallBanias waterfall – strong and magical.


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