Journey to find my (photo)self again.

I’ve been thinking of making this blog a little bit more personal rather than just posting photos.  For a long time I’ve been trying to find my place at the photography world, selling my photos at stock sites, sometimes doing paid photosessions, trying to enter contests but I feel that I’ve stuck in one place economically and creatively.

I desperatly trying to think of any way to improve, to move forward but it seems that I just can’t find the right way to do so. I guess a big part of the problem is that I’ve recently became a mother, lack of sleeping hours, everlasting tiredness and the fact that I just can’t leave my baby even for a second. I must admit that when I have “baby-free time” I am too lazy to do anything rather than lay aimlesly at the bed. All of those combined brought me to my big-photography-stanstill. 

Don’t get me wrong, I knew what I was entering when we decided that this is a time for us to have a child, also I love my daughter very much and regret nothing, it’s just I miss my “photography time” a time when I could go outside and wonder for hours taking photos. This was my “me” time, my soul treatment, my head cleaning and problem solving time, and I miss it, a lot.

I need to find a way to go back to that place, I need to bring this feelings back to my life. I didn’t realise when and how photography became such a big part of my life, I crave to go outside, I crave to take my camera and just shoot and shoot, maybe it will sounds odd, but I feel that it even affects my well-being. So I’ve decided to make this blog about my photography journey, I hope that the commitment to this blog will make me bring my imagination and my photo-therapy back.

I want to do at least 3-4 blog posts a week, with newly taking photos, hoping this will trigger me to be more creative. There is also a bright side of having a cute little baby, a possibility to take phots of a model that just can’t say no ;P




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