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Photo Challenge – Breathe

Dutch Goes The Photo – Photo Challenge Breathe.

I loove to sleep late, it is really hard for me to get up in the morning and even though I know that best of my photos are taken around the “sunrise” time still I can’t get myself to wake up early and go for a photography session.

For this challenge I’ve chosen this photo of green field at the early morning, one of the rarest times that I could make myself to wake up early. That day we had a “white night” and didn’t sleep at all, we went to photograph starry night and on our way home, at the early morning I took this photo of gloomy weather with the green field.

The air that day was so fresh and clear, it wasn’t spoiled yet by the car engines, dust and daily rush, it was so refreshing that I just stood there, taking deep breath just to remember how wonderful this feeling is. This photo is a reminder for me that waking up early has many benefits, one of them is the possibility to breath clear and fresh air.



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