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ViewBug photography contests and Challenges WebSite

Well, I don’t know if you know about the ViewBug  website but if you don’t, you definitely should check it out. I’ve started my early days as a photographer from this website and actively using it till this day. When I started to search ways to enter photo contests and expand my photography sharing this was the first contests and challenges website that I’ve found and that gave me many tools to improve. So what is Viewbug? It’s a platform that allows you to share your photos, get feedback and critiques and the most fun fact – enter contests and challenges. You can have inspiration from fellow photographers, find interesting ideas and many different tips and manuals that will allow you to get your photography to another level.hibiscus_red_flower

Challenges are made by peers – fellow photographers, you don’t win any prices, but you will get nice awards and recognition among the website community. Contests on the other hands have actual prices, sometimes even things like nice lenses and new cameras, something that is very fun to participate and that actually motivate you to expand your portfolio and improve your skills,  good boost for a photographer. Until today I was finalist few times at the contests and once even won an “amateur photographer” award with one of my photos, I must admit I was flattered. lady_bug

You can have different types of memberships at the website, from a free one (that I’ve used for a long time) to Pro and Premium(That I am using now and very satisfied with), the higher you membership level the more interesting things you will get, such as free tutorials, Ebooks, access to bigger pull of contests and a platform for your own website and portfolio. Another interesting thing is ViewBugs affiliate program, that they’ve open recently, but you need to be accepted to the program. Whatever path you will choose, it is worth to visit the site and enter some contests, maybe you will be the winner;))red_poppy


5 thoughts on “ViewBug photography contests and Challenges WebSite

  1. Oh i hear it all the time.. oh u have a dslr that’s y u r photographer.. and i want to slap and yell that bitch its because i am a photographer i have a camera.. action speaks louder then words.. i hand over my camera erase my settings put it on default n tell them to click n become a photographer.. till now only few people have actually clicked a decent clear photo without proper framing that is..

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