Street cat appreciation post

One of the things I really like to do when I’m going out to photograph is to take photos of stray cats. Except the fact that I really love cats(I love every kind of cats;)) I really love how their faces deliver some sort of personal story. You can see real fighters among them, little creatures that trying to survive.cat_stray

I made this post in order to remind everyone that there are many stray and abounded cats on the streets, that would love to have a home and a “forever human” and that if you have a possibility, maybe you could consider to adopt one(or two;)) and get a wonderful companion to your life.orange_cat

They are not always the prettiest nor the cutest but they suffer so much outside: bad weather, hunger, sicknesses, sometimes I come home heartbroken from what I see on the streets, and I am deeply sad that I can’t give a shelter to each and everyone of them.cat_outside

I know not everyone love cats, some have allergies, not everyone have a possibility and time to take care of one, but cats are actually very easy to handle, they don’t need your attention all the time and actually pretty satisfied with roof above them, food at their plates and some toys. In return, they will bring you a huge amount of happiness and love.cat_nose

I have two cats and another two cats that I grew with are at my mother house. As much as I remember myself I always had cats in my life, maybe that is why I am taking this matter so close to my heart. All of my cats were street cats before we took them in, and even though the little one that we took in 4 month ago giving as a hard time I do not regret taking her at all.cat_street

I must admit I don’t have some strong opinion and harsh feelings about buying a cat (except of course if there is an animal abuse and that the mother-cat is used harshly for reproducing) but I do believe that taking in a cat from a shelter\street is way better and can actually save a little life.street_cat_outside

Having a cat can be a trouble sometimes, you have to take care of it, forgive if it’s misbehaves and struggle with it’s personality that not always is what you want it to be. But all of that worth the love and the happiness they bring to your life. It is indeed a responsibility for life, but you won’t regret it.calico_cat

For some reason black cats are suffer more than any other cats, they would be hurt by people more often and will be taken from shelter\street a noticeable percentage less than any other cats. I guess this is because of some superstitions and the belief that black cats bring misfortune, but this is so not true (also there is a belief that if you own a black cat you will have luck in your life), black cats are adorable as any other cats. One of my cats is a black one, and she is just the cutest, don’t let the color to be a reason not to take an animal home.street_cat_grass

Taking in a senior cat and not a kitten is also a possibility to grant a cat that don’t have much left to live a good home in his last years.stray_cat

I know this post is a little bit odd, but I just felt that I have to do one, maybe this will help someone to change their mind and that way it will save a little, purring, fluffy soul from harsh life outside.kitten_street

If you never thought about having a cat or considered it but wasn’t sure, I really hope that you will think again about it and maybe you will decide to grant a home and love to a stray cat, I am sure you would not regret that. There is some common belief that cats can’t love, that they don’t get “close” to people and don’t have any affection towards their owner, and this is just not true, cats are capable of loving very deeply.  orange_cat_stray


7 thoughts on “Street cat appreciation post

  1. Nice collection of cat photos Nadia! I much prefer cats to dogs … they’re purrrfect! along with our 5 kids (now adults) we had 2 cats, one dog, hamsters, fish, a rabbit and guinea pig. Now we are pet-less and free! But eventually I will get a nice cat to sit on my lap again.

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