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Night sky milky way – Negev Desert

Living in the city is a wonderful thing, but there is one really noticeable disadvantage – you can’t see the beautiful night starry sky.  In order to get a glimpse of this beautiful creation we had to move far away from the light pollution of the big city.

Israel is small and it is hard to find a place without a city or any “light pollution” source. In order to have this experience we had to go deep into the Negev, the southern side of Israel, that is mostly dry desert, rocky mountains and almost no plants. We had a three hours night drive to find a quiet, almost absolutely dark place where you can see the starry sky and the milky way:)

I never in my life saw with my own eyes the milky way, and I was mesmerized by how beautiful this view is. I will do a little summary of this trip after I will end to sort the photos, but I couldn’t wait and share this amazing view earlier:)


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