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Well, I am as happy as I coud be – I got myself a macro lens – Canon 100mm and it’s amazing! Macro lens was something I wanted long ago, I would even say, it was an actual desire. My 85mm and 24mm couldn’t get me what I wanted, each and everytime I had an opportunity to take an interesting  macro shot and I couldn’t because I didn’t had the equipment, I was devastated.

The first thing I did when I got the lens and after it stoped raining like hell was getting out to check it. I must admit it is not an easy work. The lens is pretty heavy, it is realy hard to focus (I also dont see that well) and it is really challenging to get the depth of field right, but it is so much fun, challenging and worth it! I have a lot of training to do and I am exited:)

One of my first try-outs is this adorable “Ocnogyna loewii” moth, caterpillar. Because it is “spring” time in Israel, those caterpilars are crowling already on almost every plant on the fields. The day was very windy, and with such wind it is almost impossible to focus without “blurring” the whole photo. I got lucky to find this fellow resting on a hard wooden stick that didn’t move on the wind like other plants. It is trully said, that the best time to shoot macro is early in the morning. So as for now I am going to practice more in order to have better results!:)


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