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Lack of Imagination photo exercise

I was always scared that I don’t have enough imagination, long time ago when I was stuck with “what I can photograph”  I found out a practice of “photographing something unusual from a regular thing” I tried that and found out that it is actually make you think, you try find regular things and make something a little bit different or interesting out of it.

That day I tried to take a photo of a bouquet that I was given for my birthday. Of course flowers are easier and not so “unusual” but I was only a beginner photographer then and it was a challenge for me:)

This photo is what came out of that, it was taken with canon powershot, a semi-professional camera, even though the composition is pretty regular I still felt that I’ve succeeded in my mission to make something interesting. You can’t actually understand that this is a bouquet and the colors around the daisy are making it somehow whole and different at the same time.

If you run out of ideas or your imagination don’t want to work with you try this simple yet effective exercise. Take something boring\regular\ and make something interesting and different out of it. This will make your brain to search creative ways that will improve your skills:)

Good luck:)camomile

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