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How I became a photographer.

I don’t have a heart warming story about something that changed my life and made me a photographer, It’s just I always loved photography, even when the only thing I had was a lousy camera on my old button phone.

I started to understand that I want photography to be more than my hobby when I was majoring criminology and psychology . During the college years I spent more and more time wandering outside and taking photos rather than sitting on the lectures (I’ve majored successfully BTW ^^”). When I realized that my craving to photography is getting really serious I bought myself a semi-professional camera in order to see whether or not I will improve. It was Canon Powershot and it indeed gained me the needed experience to move on to my first DSLR.

Judas Tree Blooming (Cercis Siliquastrum) taken with canon powershot.judas_tree

When I saw that I am ready to move on to next step of my photography and that this is for me much more than a hobby, I got myself a DSLR camera with 85mm and 24mm lens. It was like starting learning everything all over again. The manual and semi-automatic regimes, techniques, the iso-shutter-aperture ratio and so on, it was a whole new world that I enjoyed to explore.

Wild turtle taken with 85mm lens.turtle

When my photos started to look, well at least a little bit more professional I started “working” on two fronts. First was selling my photos at Shutterstock (I will make another post about it) and second was photographing people (couples,portraits, children). 


Photographing people indeed makes more money, but the pressure and the responsibility is so much higher that I couldn’t  really enjoy myself at the process. Shooting portraits for my needs is one thing but doing that when you get paid is a little bit harder. I really want to achieve the stage when I can make a decent amount of money from selling my photos.


As for today for me photography is a great passion, a way of life and a little bit extra money from the side. I’ve never felt disappointment from choosing this way of life and investing my money in that and I hope that I will learn and get better and better with every photo session I do. 


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