Visiting Prague – Top 10 Places To visit for a photographer.

Prague is one gorgeous city and I said it many times, this post isn’t about coffee shops, restaurants or shopping experience and tips about that, this post is about 10 most memorable and beautiful places for me, that I’ve visited in Prague and really enjoyed as a tourist and as a photographer. 

When I was getting ready for this trip I made a list of places to visit focusing on what places would be interesting for a photographer because we had a limited time there and I wanted to be ready and make the most out of this trip. Today I am going to make same list only of my favorite places in Prague and maybe it will help you to choose 🙂

      1. Charles Bridge- My number one place to see, Vltava river that crossing Prague have many bridges, but this one is the most beautiful one. It doesn’t matter whether you visit it at day time  or at the evening, what is the weather or are you walking on it or looking at it from other place, this bridge is majestic.

Charles bridge at night:charles_bridge_prague

If you will take a walk on it you will see many beautiful sculptures, art performances and little  gift shops. Also you can get up to the tower and watch the beautiful view from above. There is a round roof up there, that you can circle and watch to all of the directions. I recommend doing that at the day time (must admit I don’t remember whether or not there is a time limit for going up there) because the view is spectacular and it didn’t cost much!

View from Charles bridge tower to the city:prague_roofs_view

View from the other side:prague_city

      Of course there is no way that you are going to miss this place, but I recommend you to make a “course” of what places and when you going to see in order to maximize your time.

Sunset over Charles bridge:charles_bridge

        2. Prague Zoo– Well if you are an animal lover it is indeed a place you need to visit. Prague zoo is one of the best in Europe and it’s huge! If you really want to visit the zoo you should have at least 4 hours of your time to spend on it if you want to enjoy everything it has to offer. 

Fishing cat at the zoo:fishing_cat

There is nothing much to say about this place, you just need to go and visit it, it have a great verity of animals and birds that you surely going to enjoy, also the entrance isn’t that pricey and you can have a nice dinner in there for a legit price as well:)


 3. Botanical Garden of the City Prague– There are few botanical gardens in the city, we visited the one with Fata Morgana greenhouse (if you want to enter the green house itself you should check out at what hour the place is open). The reason why we’ve chosen this botanical garden (and I had to visit at least one of them, I love those gardens) is because it is just 10-15 minutes from the Prague zoo. We made our day entirely at that part of Prague. First the zoo, then the Botanical Garden. 

White flower lavender at the botanical garden:white_lavender

The garden goes up (at least if you enter from the zoo side) so you will have to make a little bit of effort to walk trough all the garden but you will not regret that. The verity of  flowers and plants is amazing, if you are a botanical lover  – you will enjoy this place. Also there are some “themed” gardens in there, for example a little preview of Japanese Garden.

Japanese Garden:japanese_garden

If you walking from the zoo to the botanical garden you might also want to look up the Troja Palace, beautiful place (also seen from the botanical garden) and you pass it in your way anyway.

Troja Palace:troja_palace

 4. Velka Skala and Cimicky Haj – it is a little bit unpopular but I had to add those to the list. Just above the botanical garden, within 15-20 minutes of walking you can encounter beautiful, tourists-less places to enjoy your day, it’s is sort of normal, not tourist centered Prague.

First I want to talk about Velka Skala, few minutes of walking from the botanical garden and a beautiful view will show up and the good part is – there is almost no people in there, if you have time, you deffinitely should spend some time around there.

View From Velka Skalavelka_skala

Cimicky Haj – beautiful grove, I mean really beautiful grove, so quiet and peaceful, if you have time for some “walking in the woods” you should visit this place, especially when all of those place so close to each other.

Cimicky Haj:Cimicky_Haj

5. Streets – yes, it is sound trivial, but if you making your routs by metro, tramway or buses you just might miss some beautiful, antique architecture and interesting street patterns. Walking the streets especially at the stare mesto  will allow you to see beautiful, colorful and interesting architecture. I think to photographer it is something that worth exploring:)



 6. Petrin Hill – for me it is a must to visit. A big hill, with a lot of green plants, cherry trees and curvy routs. There are two ways to get up there by walking or by Petrin funicular. If you are not the type who can walk long distances uphill then you should use the funicular, but if you have the power and the desire – I highly recommend to walk up the hill. The view and the satisfaction from walking all of it is amazing.

Petrin Hill Routs:petrin_hill

Karel Hynek Mácha statue:petrin_statue

When you will get up the hill you will have a great view to whole Prague, if you want even more of that you can get up to the Petrin lookout tower. Also there are some other interesting sites to visit up there so may take few hours to explore the beautiful uphill.

View from Petrin Hill:petrin_prague

  7. Jewish Quarter – Josefov, located in the old town and very interesting experience to see. Little side-streets with many interesting places to stop such as synagogues, Jewish cemetery, Jewish ceremonial hall and so on. If you traveling trough the old town, I really recommend you to visit Josefov as well.

Jewish Ceremonial Hall:synagogue_prague

8. Prague Castle – you can’t visit a city, that have a castle and not entering it:) Prague’s Castle is a collection of amazing things to see. Churches, President residence, Halls, Gardens and the view from up there is mesmerizing. Take your time and watch everything this place have to offer.



St. Vitus Cathedral:prague_castle


9. Vltava River – you definitely can’t avoid a big river crossing the city but I want to give you one tip that just might make your visit better- take a boat. Weather it is a ferry or a pedal\rowing boat I think it is something you shouldn’t miss. 

View from Vltava river:9T6A9457-Edit

We took a rowing boat for an hour, it is an interesting perspective for a photographer to take photos from, it’s really fun activity and not that pricey. Just be careful not to drop the camera to the water:)

View from Vltava river:vltava_prague

View from Vltava river:vltava_prague_river

 10. Kampa Island – my favorite, for me it is a must, just make extra time and go visit this little island. In the middle of Prague, on the Vltava river, there is a reason why this place called (by some) – Venice of Prague.

Kampa Island:prague_kampa_island

If you can – take a boat trough the “Devil stream – Certovka stream” if you can’t it’s fine, just take a walk along this beautiful, colorful place!


Well I hope some of those place will be interesting for you and if you want to travel to Prague you will visit and enjoy them as much as I did. I’ve focused my points on things that can be interesting to photographer and of course there are many other interesting places to see there. 

Some tips from me:

  •  “Visiting list”– make it  carefully, think about how much time you have, what are the distances and how you get to all of those places that you want to see, create at least a “demo route” so that when you arrived you would have a plan. 
  • Finances – I haven’t pay any attention to that aspect at this article but you definitely should take care of it. Prague isn’t pricey but it is important to calculate your expenses. 
  • Electronics – Because you bring a camera with you, lenses, a tripod, filters, batteries, memories cards and so on, make sure you took an extra of things that you can(such as batteries) , make sure that you took a charger for everything and something that I didn’t think of until I lost my tripod in a botanic garden – check out nearest photography shops, just in case if you loose something or something will broke, so you wouldn’t have to search for those in a hurry.
  • The most important – Have fun and enjoy everything 🙂





15 thoughts on “Visiting Prague – Top 10 Places To visit for a photographer.

  1. HI, beautiful pictures and selection.I am really happy that you have left the Old Prague and went to see ZOO, Botanical Garden and Cimicky haj. I am happy that you have enjoyed it there :-).
    One addition: the statue is Karel Hynek Mácha (Karel Hynek are just the first names, you can find his tombstone at Vysehrad Cemetery). Always on May 1st couples are coming to this statue for kiss a bring flowers to Mácha, because of his love poem called Máj (May). It is also a little bit horror poem as well. But it starts with:”It was first of May, the Day of love…” (Czech people know the beginning by heart :-)).

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