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Lack of Imagination photo exercise

I was always scared that I don't have enough imagination, long time ago when I was stuck with "what I can photograph"  I found out a practice of "photographing something unusual from a regular thing" I tried that and found out that it is actually make you think, you try find regular things and make… Continue reading Lack of Imagination photo exercise


Visiting Prague – Top 10 Places To visit for a photographer.

Prague is one gorgeous city and I said it many times, this post isn't about coffee shops, restaurants or shopping experience and tips about that, this post is about 10 most memorable and beautiful places for me, that I've visited in Prague and really enjoyed as a tourist and as a photographer.  When I was… Continue reading Visiting Prague – Top 10 Places To visit for a photographer.



Living in Israel there is one thing that you don't really have a lot - Snow. I really miss this white, beautiful and crunchy white coat. This weekend we went to Hermon , north Israeli mountain to see some snow:) I must admit I felt like a kid, running, playing, having if I was… Continue reading Snow