Visiting Prague Part 4.

Well it took me some time but here it is, the 4th part of my visiting Prague blog. We went for another trip around the city, this time to other side of Vltava river.

Prague National Theater, we haven’t enter but this place looks impressive from the outside:)


Something that I really miss and we don’t have it in Israel – The railway, damn those are so cute and so easy for use:) We had a lot of fun riding those:)


The next place we went was a Kampa Island, I did my “homework” before we came to Prague and this place was almost at top of my list. When I read about “Prague Venice – The Kampa Island” I knew I had to visit this place and boy, good we did. This place is amazing! Beautiful and colorful, I really had great time walking there.


Kampa is and Island at Vltava river in Prague, the stream that goes into the Island is called the Chertovka Stream – The Devil Stream (In Russian Chertovka is a female Devil but I guess more accurate parallel to English would be “the wicked fox” ).


This is a very interesting place to take a walk and if you are a museum lover – it has  Kampa Museum of modern art.


After that we went to see a President residence, I was very impressed and it is also a good place to “waste” few hours there.


We haven’t been in the buildings but it was more than enough to see them from the outside:)



We were wondering for hours at the city, I took so many photos from every single place I could find and think of, at some  point my legs were so badly hurt that I couldn’t even walk. We would wake up at 7 and would come back to the hotel  only at 11, and all of this time we were just walking around the city. We did something about 19-24 km every day, just walking and climbing. And I have only one thing to say – it was worth it!


Prague from above looks amazing, those decorative roofs making it so special!


And everything is so colorful!




In conclusion I want to say, If you have time – walk around, experience the city, have fun with it! The city is gorgeous, I perfectly understand why people coming back there time after time, It has this magical feeling in it. 


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