Visiting Prague part 3 – The Zoo

If you visiting Prague you should definitely visit the Zoo. Prague Zoo considered to be one of the best in Europe, and from what I saw, it is truly impressive. There is nothing really much to tell about it because you need to come and see what this place have to offer:)

Tiger – Dinner time:


There are a lot of people in there but the place is huge so you wouldn’t feel the crowd because there are many places to visit and it will take you 3-4 hours to walk trough all of it. Great place to take your kids:)

Secretary Bird:


Some of the animals you wouldn’t be able to see because they hide, but their safety is what important so don’t feel bad:)

Lizards resting:


There are many decorative birds in there so colorful and bright, beautiful view, for some reason I’ve seen only colorful parrots up until now and seeing so many colorful birds was really interesting;)

Scarlet Ibis drinking:


The only place where we had a crowd problem was gorillas place, not sure why exactly gorillas but there was to many people in there. 

Gorilla having dinner:


I was sure at the beginning that this is the Secretary bird, I mean come on, he looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo –  Marabou Stork bird.


Harry Potter Hippogriff in real life- Shoebill bird huge and very impressive! I’ve heard they also bow their head just like the HippoGriffs:)


Roaming Clouded Leopard never stopped walking even for one second, was just walking around around so this is the best I could make out of his “parade” 🙂


What zoo without the pink Flamingos🙂 One big family!


Most of the “cat family” was hiding so he was my cherry on top of this trip, beautiful Fishing Cat making poses for better view:) The place is mostly dark so if you want to take photos the you should make your ISO higher, open the aperture but never use flash! It scares them and bad for their eyes, think about animals as well!


If you have spare time after visiting the zoo (we for example took a whole day in that area) then you should definitely visit Botanic Garden that is very close to the zoo, we took one bus stop and that is it, beautiful garden with variety of plants, flowers, trees and garden patterns:)


Japanese garden:


Just under the Botanic garden there is Troja Palace you can visit it on the way there or you could just enjoy the view from above:)


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