Visiting Prague Part 2.

Well on the second day we didn’t actually were in Prague, we got out to Germany to see Bastei Bridge and also visiting Bohemian Switzerland National Park. We had only one day for that so we couldn’t see a lot of this park that is why we choose to see the Divoka Souteska. Prague is beautiful city, but if you have few extra days you should totally go to see some of the beautiful Czech national parks. Our decision was going to Bohemia because it was on the way to the Bastei Bridge that I was really craving to see:)

Because we don’t speak Czech nor German we actually had quiet an adventure going out of the city:) It started when we rented a car that had a Navigator in it because we had no idea how to get there otherwise, luckily for us, we used google maps as well on our cell and good we did. Turns out that the navigator in the car was, well at least it looked like that, an older version, many of the roads we had on google maps just weren’t there. In the end, by using google maps we have shortened our way for quiet a good distance:)

First of all we got it a little bit wrong and came to the village – Rathen resort instead of the bridge, it was somewhere nearby but we just couldn’t figure out were exactly :)) At least I did some photos of this very interesting and colorful resort:)


Beautiful place! Not sure about prizes or service, but the places looks just wonderful!


The Elbe river is very beautiful, as someone who come from a place where the biggest river looks like a pond seeing such beautiful river was impressive:)


Right away we got that we were a little bit lost and started to search how we go out there to the bridge, we even thought of turning back to the park without seeing the place! Happy for us we decided to give it a last try and try the GPS point that someone posted online and hooorayy we found it, the magnificent bridge:) Going up to the bridge the view was incredible! Stone giants roaming out of the forest truly beautiful sight!


The higher we got the greater was the scene!


The biggest problem with very touristic places is the amount of people walking there. There is nothing to do about it and the only thing I could do was being grateful that I can see a beautiful place like that! 


“Colossoal” that was the word that was in my mind when I saw this place, colossal and magnificent!


We were in the middle of the day, with a sunny weather so the photos weren’t at the best conditions, but I’m not even mad, it was totally worth it:)


View of the Elbe river from the Bastei Bridge:)


After spending sometime on the bridge we went to the Divoka Souteska and WOW, I haven’t see a forest like that with river like I think, never! I might sound a little bit childish being so impressed by things like that, but Israel doesn’t have that kind of natural places because it is too hot for so much green in here 😦 Anyway we went to see this forest and the Kamenice river, magnificent:)


We didn’t have much time because we had to return the car so we couldn’t do the whole Divoka Souteska trip and had to cut it in half but in the end of the day we were satisfied and happy. It was totally worth to take a day off from Prague to visit such a beautiful places. The Bastei Bridge and the Bohemia  national park full of green was indeed a good way to spent time. 


2 thoughts on “Visiting Prague Part 2.

  1. I know this region very well, on both sides of the border, the National Park(s) there is existing on both sides of the border at is geological/biological one being. Staying there is usually not expensive and really worth a visit. A lot of people are quite crazy for climbing on these spectacular rocks/cliffs (like those at the Bastei) in a special regional style. But that is another story indeed.

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