Visiting Prague Part 1

I’ve thought for a long time to make a post about my trip to Prague. There were too many photos and I decided to make it in few parts. Today is the day that I finally got myself to start those travel blog posts, those posts will show just few of places and things that impressed me at at this trip but the last one will be my top places to visit in Prague and tips with more explanations 🙂

So as a person who didn’t had many opportunities to visit other countries when my wish came true and I went for a 5 day trip to beautiful Prague, Czech, I was mesmerized!  I heard about architecture and a whole “feeling” this city has but I must admit I was stunned by how atmospheric and wonderful this place is. For the next few posts I want to show you a little pick of Prague that I’ve experienced:)


The first and the most noticeable thing is the Architecture, I’m not sure if you gonna be impressed if you’re from other European countries, but someone like me who came from other parts of the world it was indeed a cultural and aesthetic pleasure!


At the first day I was walking with open jaw trying to capture every single part of this amazing city, it was so hard to decide where to go and what to see, lucky for us the weather was so nice and even chilly, something you don’t have in Israel at this time of the year:)


The architecture was so colorful and interesting, pure joy!prague_city

My tip for you, if you are going to Prague is to make a list of places to visit in order not to wonder aimlessly because it is possible to miss very beautiful places and spots to see. I did a research  about best places to visit in Prague, mostly oriented for a photographer, I’ve chosen places that we will be able to visit in the time tat we had in there, trying to cover my and my SO interests:)


Another thing we don’t have in Israel and something I was really happy to see are the tramway, amazing sight:)

prague_rails prague_tram

While we passing trough the city we’ve encountered two interesting synagogues, one in the Jewish quarter – Klausen Synagogue, very atmospheric building with interesting old themed architecture, living in Israel it is really interesting to see how synagogues looks like at other countries.


Another Synagogue we saw on streets of Prague was a – Jubilee Synagogue, colorful and beautiful building, it was standing out on and catch my eye very fast:)

prague_synagogue (2)

Beautiful patterns and colors!


Our first day in Prague was mostly wondering on the streets enjoying the view and the architecture. I don’t wan’t to write too much about the places we visited because I will make another, more detailed post about that:)


5 thoughts on “Visiting Prague Part 1

    1. Prague indeed is a magical place!:)
      To shot this photo I did used tripod, you just can’t get it sharp witout that:) I always keep my ISO at minimum(100) the camera gets hot when taking long shots and you don’t wan’t to add extra noise:) For night shots I photograph on aparture mode priority, I set my aparture somewhere between 5/6 – 8. More than that at my camera it gets blury and out of focus (there are sites that allow you to see what is the “sharpest” range for your camera:)). This photo was taken with 30 sec shutter speed, this is my camera imit and I rearly use bulb to add more:)

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