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Home portrait

Today I decided to make this photo of my cat as a photo of the day. Why? Well that is because he is fast and never resting and it is almost impossible to catch him when he “doesn’t move”. This time I got lucky and could snatch a quick photo of this grown bandit:)

Someone threw him away under my house when he was I guess about 3 weeks old. Because I didn’t see any mother around nor other kittens I assume that was because he wasn’t prefect for his breed and couldn’t been sold. It took us few days to make the decision to take him because we already had few cats, but we never where sorry that we did:)

Today he is 9 years old, huge and puffy, he have the fluffiest fur I ever touched and a very interesting personality:)

I think it is always better to adopt a kitten from the streets or from a shelter rather than buying a pure breed. I don’t judge if you buy, those animals also need a place to go, but I think if you can get the same amount of love, a beautiful friend and save a life at the same time, why waste your money to support an industry that throw away to die the imperfect ones? *He is perfect by the way*:)


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