Sick and Tired

When I started that blog I was determined to do at least one entry every day, I was sure I can handle that. Sadly life doesn’t always go as we planed and I couldn’t write everyday.

First I got sick, very sick, for three weeks I didn’t sleep, and was at great pain,  I barely functioned and to be honest, because no one knew what exactly wrong with me I mostly lost hope that things will ever get better. I craved for a good sleep, or any sleep at all, sleeping about 1-1.5 hour and seeing no hope for the future, I was terrified.

Luckily three weeks of fear ended when my doctor actually find what can it be and I got better, step by step but much butter and then t-h-e-   m-u-r-p-h-y- -l-a-w- step in I got a cold, a normal, sneezy cold. One one hand It’s just a cold, few days of “feeling bad” and then everything is fine, on the other hand the fact that I got it just right when I started to feel better and I am so tired that I have no strength to fight anything right now, I’m exhausted .

I really hope I will be able to post more and share more interesting things. And I really hope that I will be able to get back to photography as soon as possible.




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