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Have you heard about Cinemagraphs? Those are photographs that one element on the photo is moving while others are static. It’s an interesting combination of stills photography and video. You definitely should check this one. 

When I first heard of this technique I was really exited to try it out, I’ve searched ways to achieve that and find that there is a program that sort of does everything all you need is to shoot a video and circle the place that you want it to move. I’ve tried it out and got disappointed, it didn’t turn out well at all. The files are too large for a gif, you are limited at what you can do and the quality isn’t good, but it is easy to use and can give you a taste of what this technique can do.


I continued my searching and found out that there is a way to achieve the desired results trough Photoshop. The way was long and very complicated, I haven’t mastered it yet but the result got better and more satisfying. I’ve thought about countless ways and ideas of what to do with that technique, the only problem is that the way taking too much time and actually pretty hard to achieve.

If you searching something interesting and new to try you should check this technique out, wonderful experience with interesting results:)

Have fun!

My better result:cofee


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