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Photo Challenge – Layered

For this challenge  – The Daily Post – Layered, I’ve chosen this photo of this pink water lily that was places between two layers – the blue stone wall and the deeper blue water at the background.

I love this photo for it’s colors games and for how those layers play with each other letting you think for a minute about what exactly do you see.



4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Layered

    1. Oh It took me some time as well:) If there is a tag in you challenge you just copy it and add to the “tags” bar you have when you write a post. If you need to create a “pingback” you copy the ling of the challenge page you want to take a part at, then when you write your own post for example “new photo challenge” you mark a word (challenge for example) and while it still marked click “paste” or “ctrl V” this will connect your post to a post that have a challenge in it:)


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