Visiting Bitronot Ruhama, Israel

Israel have a variety of landscapes: waterfalls, deserts, big open fields and beaches. The only problem is the weather that most of the time is dry and super hot and that is why for my opinion  the best “traveling – photographing” season is spring and winter.

Today I want to tell you about a short trip we did to south of the country, to a natural reserve called Bitronot Ruhama – “Ruhama’s Badlands”. I must admit it is indeed one of the best landscape places in Israel I’ve seen so far. The view is majestic, but I do think that the best time to visit this place is the spring.


Full of vast green fields, tree groves, various travel roots and historical sites it was hard for me to believe that such a place  exist in the South. A rare pearl at the desert like place.


We did a short hiking around and then a bigger travel root on the car, the roads where muddy and we were kind of worry that we will stuck there but we did just fine:)


Luckily for me as a photographer everything was just as I would want it to be. Open green field, cloudy weather with amazing heavy clouded sky, not a lot of people and a nice weather it was indeed a great hike and all I needed 🙂

If you visiting Israel at the spring you definitely should visit this place, the views and the scenario are spectacular! 


The reason why we came there in the first place was “Darom Adom” or in translation the “Red South” it is the time of the year, the early spring when poppies start to grow. This is the time when flat and vast fields on the south get full of red blooming poppies – breathtaking scene. Sadly we didn’t get to see this that time, but I did managed to sneak a peak of small bunches of  poppies:)


Another interesting thing is that you can see Ashqelon city and power plant from there and if you manage to get in the right time, you can make a really interesting photos:)

Those two photos are my favorite ones because expect ща  how it looks it has some sort of interesting meaning in it, at least for me. I hope you can see it too:)

In conclusion, if you want to visit an interesting, peaceful, not hard for walking place, that have breathtaking views you should definitely visit Bitronot Ruhama. It worth it. I do think  though that you need to go there at spring, best time in terms of views and weather:)


And the that is mostly meaningful for me, heavy clouded sunset with power station smoke, somehow created a very dark atmosphere.


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