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Sunrise Portraits and some tips:)

So few weeks back I took my friend and model to the beach for a sunrise photography session. I’ve ended processing all the photos and want to present you three of them  from various locations at the beach. That was an interesting experience with even more interesting results. There is something magical at early morning light, something romantic:)

When we arrived it still was pretty dark, the sun hasn’t risen yet and because I was too lazy to bring my tripod we had to wait up until the sun got a little bit up (not that we suffered, it’s the beach after all:)) As soon as the sun got up we started shooting, luckily for us it was too early and that was a “wild beach” so there was not many people to distract the shoot:)


I said it before but I’ll say it again – early morning light and colors just gorgeous! Majestic and romantic, gentle and soft, beautiful sight! No hard shadows or big differences between the lighter and the darker parts. I truly think that it is the best time of the day doing photography:)


As the sun risen higher light became harder but we had a solution for that – a big hat:) I’ve enjoyed this photography session so much, it was really nice to wake up this early, get good results and then chill out with a big cup of coffee:)

Here are some of my tips for an early morning photography shooting:

  • Tripod – Don’t be lazy like me and  bring your tripod. At the early stages of the sunrise it is still to dark to photograph from you hands, you will need a tripod. If you making a paid photo-shoot it is better to be prepared than look unprofessional and say to your costumer “oh it is still too dark we need to wait 20 minutes or so” better start immediately and tripod is the solution!
  • Sleep well –  It’s sound trivial but it is highly important. Make sure that you and your model have slept well before the shoot, why is this important? For model/costumer  it is very important to look fresh – dark circles around the eyes, tired look, messy appearance will not look good on the photographs and even if there are some things that you can fix with Photoshop – the shoot can be ruined if your model is tired. For you it is important to sleep well because your judgment will be more clear, you will have more ideas and more ideas of how realize those ideas.
  • Clothes – Early mornings can be cold, make sure your model\costumer understand that. Bring some warm closes, make sure model is comfortable. Uncomfortable model will effect the shoot and that will not be good.
  • Technical – If you didn’t bring your tripod and you have no other choice than shooting from your hands then there are some technical issues you might find interesting. ISO– Don’t rise it too high, up until 400 I think is the maximum. Aperture and Shutter speed – I think the priority (unless you shoot at manual) is for shutter speed. Chose the correct number for your lens (for example my portrait lens is 85 mm and I can shoot from hand without shaking at 1\100) that will make the shooting easier.

This photo is my favorite from the whole shoot. The sun was already high so the big hat was a great assist and that created (at least for me) a feeling of summer, freedom and happiness:)



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