My little cherry adventure:)

Trees like cherries need a cold weather in order to bear fruits. In Israel, where I live the weather is really hot and trees like cherry (also bushes like raspberry for example) grows only on the highers and northern points of the country, I think all of them are on the Golan Heights. I came to Israel from Europe where the weather is well…European. I was a little kid but I remember the variety of fruits, I was going outside and right there was plenty of peach trees, cherry,apricots, apples. Bushes like currant, raspberry, gooseberries. I loved that and I miss this so much because here we almost don’t have anything like that.

The only possibility to enjoy at least a little bit this feeling in Israel is visit a “harvest” place, most of them are private there for it costs money (but you can eat as much berries and fruits as you can) and mostly what they have are cherry trees. Here some photos from a cherry harvest:)


When we came there, there was only only cherry trees, but so many and so loaded with cherries:) That was spectacular! I missed that view ^^ Those are the big sweet type of cherry trees (there is also a sour one the Vishnya, but there weren’t any yet) the fruits were tasty, but yet not like those fruits I tasted at Europe:(


I had the possibility to take some beautiful photos and taste enjoy the beautiful view so in summary that was a nice experience:)


The last photo is from Prague, I was visiting Prague and the end of the spring, I was so happy to see the view that I’ve already forgot about – fruit trees and bushes everywhere:) My SO was laughing at me that I was walking like crazy eating cherries form the trees on the middle of the street 😀 Those are small wild fruits, they were a little bit sour but sooooo tasty!!:))

I am going to do many long posts about my Prague visit so…wait for it 😛


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