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Today I woke up at 4:30 A.M. in order to go to the beach before sunrise. I love sleeping and I need a really good reason to wake up so early and today there was a reason like that. I was photographing my friend who is also my “privet” model that helps me to improve my portrait skills. Most of the portraits that I shoot are  about an hour before sunset, the light is beautiful and warm, the shadows are delicate and it is easier to arrange a meeting at that hour. Only once I did a photoshoot at the sunrise time, and today photo is from that day.

Waking up so early is pretty hard at the beginning but once you managed to get yourself up – the day start improve dramatically. When I got outside the weather was so nice, a little bit cold wind, fresh air, there is no big crowds of people and it is quiet and peaceful – the feeling I had was just amazing. When we got to the beach the sun hadn’t been out yet but there was enough light to see properly, we had enough time to find a good spot and think about what we will do on the photoshoot, it was worth getting up so early.

At this time of the day they light has some kind of bluish-pink shades, so beautiful and so interesting, I think this time of the day probably the best time to take photos.

This image was from the first time I did a photoshoot at sunrise, we went to a beautiful blooming mustard plant flower field and created some wonderful images. This particular photo for me have some sort of Russian vibe, I liked it a lot:)



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