Photo of the day

Photo of the day

One of my biggest desires is to get a macro lens, I always though that having the ability to take photos of something so small and mostly hidden from our eyes is just wonderful, sadly for me they cost quiet a lot so for now it is a dream. On one of the photo-courses that I took I had an opportunity to use a lens like that  – it was a Canon 100 mm macro. 

I was amazed and had so much fun using it and this experience just made my desire stronger:) 

I chose this photo today as a reminder to myself that I should get that lens no matter what:))

Small white snail on marigold flower.


6 thoughts on “Photo of the day

  1. That is exactly how i felt when I borrowed rebel girls 100 mm macro . Great picture . Take your time maybe the price will eventually drop. Everyday I use it I wonder if I will find a shot for my Twenty Minutes In The Garden. There is always something to photograph in macro.

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