Visiting Mount Hermon, Israel.

I live in Israel about 19 years and in all this years I haven’t seen…snow. I came to Israel from a relatively cold place so I remember the snow, the cold and the magical atmosphere of those combined. Here the winter is actually pretty warm and snow falls only in few places : Jerusalem, Higher places of the Galilee and the Mount Hermon. If in the two first places the snow is something well…sort of extraordinary and falls only in a really- cold-winter-days then in Mount Hermon, the highest and the northern place in Israel it is pretty common.

Israeli part of M. Hermon  is about 2,814 m high and located on the northern part of Golan Heights. There are some rivers and streams that starts at the Mount , for example Banias river beautiful and fierce that is also one of the  streams that forms the Jordan river –  the longest of the Israeli rivers. Banias river is a good idea for a trip to do if you visiting the M.Hermon. This is an easy, two hours long, fun and interesting truck with a gorgeous waterfall at the end, definitely a good choice. Because the place is a nature reserve it is vest to check the entering \ closing time  and moderate your trip to that.


Hermon Mount also have an Israeli pride – the Ski resort, of course it is not Switzerland, Alps ski resort but for  a country with only one mountain to generate the amount of snow that is needed for that it’s pretty nice:) So if you visiting Israel in winter and want to have some fun, you surely have to check that possibility out:)


For me snow is something magical and fairy-tale like, seeing snow after all those years was close to fulfilling a wish. I was feeling like a child, touching and playing with the snow, and it was cold….I haven’t felt so cold in years and for some time, it was even nice:)


When I was visiting the mount the snow was mostly on the upper part, the lowers part where already snowless, but getting up there was an adventure on it’s own. The lower part was gloomy, with rain sensation, clouds like a mystical fog going up from the ground pretty dark feeling.


At some point it was even hard to see things around like entering a smoke screen.


Getting higher  and passing  clouds reviled that up there, at the higher ground there is  a sunny and clear day – a whole new world.


When you pass the clouds, the sky is blue, the sun is bright, and the clouds are laying on the ground as big, white and fluffy pillows, totally worth it:)


In conclusion, I was waiting to visit this place for 18 years and it stands up proudly and fully at all of my expectations. If you visiting Israel at the winter and want to see some snow, cloud-fog and thrilling views you should totally visit the Hermon Mountain also try the Ski Resort. Northern Israel is known for it’s beautiful, green and beautiful nature resorts therefore you can combine few tracks at the same day. For example, you can go to the Banias (Hermon river) and the Mount Hermon (better check before if there are not too many people there and resort is not closed for the visitors) or you can go to the Hermon and then visit Mount Bental that is about 20 minutes from there with amazing view and observation point to Israel and Syria (UN soldiers are standing on this Mountain watching over Syria) also there is no better way ending a trip day like that than drinking hot coffee\chocolate on the mount restaurant with a view on wide open places. 

View on the Israeli\Syria border from Mount Bental


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