Brief trip to Mount Precipice, Israel

Back then all I wanted was a short and easy  trip near the place we’ve been at. Yizrael Valley is a beautiful place with many interesting sites to offer and after a short briefing we decided to go to the Mount Precipice. I’ve never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect from this visit, I only knew there is majestic view to the whole valley to see and it is spring so every thing will be green, and that made me happy.

Mount Precipice , Mount Kedumim or as it is known more in Israel  and it is the direct translation from hebrew  “Mount of the leap / jump” located near Nazareth and have wonderful view to the Jezreel Valley.



Jezreel Valley is covered with fields, water reserve, and wood groves when at spring it’s all blooming and growing. Such a spectacular view! In my opinion it is the best time of the year to visit this place, you will not regret that.



I wanted to go there at sunset time, so that the colors, the light and the view would be just perfect. I wasn’t disappointed. 



The road to Nazareth trough the tunnel in the mountain.


Also you can see the Mount Tabor from here . Being so  important historically and biblicaly it can be a good idea to visit both mountains at the same day if you have limited time for your trip.


Mount Precipice is thought to be the mountain from “rejection of Jesus”  and have historical and biblical importance, even the Pope was here at 2009 and had a Mass. Also the mount on his lower part have a prehistoric cave with important findings of bones and tools which you can visit, at least partly.


On the mount it self there is a beautiful forest like grove, in spring it shows it’s all beauty, green grass, trees, various flowers and spectacular view. There are some “travel roots” there that you can do, one goes sort of around the place and the other one goes down (or up, depends on where you start) the mountain. Easy and fun:)

Also this place gave birth to one of my best photos I’ve shoot up until now that is one of the reason why I love this place even more:)

My “Last Light



In conclusion, this trip was everything I wanted and I’ve enjoined each and every second of it. If you visiting northern Israel (or live here) and you want fun, easy, pretty short and family friendly trip – this is your place to go. It is interesting, beautiful and does not demand a high stamina to go:) You can combine it with visiting Nazareth or Mount Tabor (or both:). To be honest there is no reason not to do this fun little trip. 


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