Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Today my photo of the day will be this male Mallard Duck on a “dancing” pose, I was truly shocked that I was able to catch such a moment while having only a portrait lens (85 mm). I love shooting nature photos but with the lens that I have taking a close up photo of an animal is really hard, I need to hope that the animal will allow me to get closer.

Males of these ducks are really colorful if you compare them to their females and it is funny how in animal world almost always males are the colorful ones. It is male job to be as pretty, as fancy and as attractive as he could in order to catch female attention and hope that she will chose him and let him mate with her. In human world though women are those who have to be pretty and dressed up to attract the male. I wonder how our life and society will look if men where those who have to wear make up and be dressed up 😉

The dancing duck 🙂male_mallard_duck

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