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Hello, my name is Nadia and I am a photographer from Israel. One of my greatest passions is photography and the other one is traveling, though I don’t have many opportunities to travel outside Israel I do travel a lot inside the country.

I’ve decided that it is the time for me  to start my own photo blog in which I will post my traveling photos, every-day photo and photography themed “articles”, also  I will add interesting random facts if I will find any:)

I will start with one of my favorite pictures of pink and blue Water Lilys also known as Nymphaea. This flower is  truly one of the most beautiful water flowers that there is, a little pretty Nymph in you pond . Elegant and delicate in pink,white,yellow or blue color she is a perfect decoration for you garden and the pond.

Not many know that some parts of this plant are edible, for example, dry seeds can be used as coffee, and boiled buds can be used as vegetables. Also there are many medical uses to this flower but no matter how awesome that sound you should never try to eat it or use it for medical purposes without consulting a doctor otherwise it can be really dangerous.water_lily_pink


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